If you’re the founder of a startup or the owner of an established business who’s wondering if there’s an alternative to constantly feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, this book is for you.

In 1999, Megan Larsen founded Sodashi from her kitchen in Perth, Western Australia. Today it is a global skin care brand supplying more than 70 luxury spas in more than 25 countries.

Startups & Self-care shares Megan’s journey from there, to here, along with everything she’s learned about growth and resilience throughout the journey.

By the end of it you’ll feel more supported on your business journey, and equipped to build yourself a simple and effective self-care mindset and routine. One that will boost your resilience, clear your mind and give you the space you need to, make great decisions, be a great boss/leader, and form the quality relationships needed to make your business a success.


“Megan is an entrepreneur who walks her walk and talks her talk. She leads
an exceptional team, has created a thoughtful and considered brand, and in Startups & Self-Care teaches us how we can remain passionate about building businesses that matter while sustaining a sense of self along the way.”
—Emma Isaacs, Founder, Business Chicks

“Megan has created a beauty empire out of kindness, compassion, grit and determination in equal measure. Her first-hand knowledge of building a prosperous business has been well-honed over 19 years, but the truly impressive part is that she has achieved success without sacrificing her vision or her values. If you’re growing your own business, or just dreaming about where to start, this guide will act as an invaluable resource, not just for its start-up know-how, but for its advice on how to stay sane and resilient in the process. Think of it as a mentor in your pocket.”
—Emily Taylor, Editor, InStyle Australia

“Back in 2003, as is my wont, I was grilling someone at Sodashi about its ingredients and my questions were so specific that eventually, Megan Larsen emailed me direct. She was the most honest, ethical person I had found in chemical-free skincare, and she still is! This book shares her story and shows you and me how to reach for the stars, without sacrificing our wellbeing in the process.”
—Lyn Middlehurst, EDITOR, The Gallivanter’s Guide