New Zealand-born Megan Larsen began making her own skincare products in Western Australia in the early 1990s.

Like many startup founders before her, she sought to create the product she couldn't find for herself at the time - a 100% natural skin cream that wouldn't irritate her skin in the ways other products did, while also delivering genuine results. When visitors to her health care shop started commenting on her skin and asking her what she was using, she knew she'd gotten the formulation right. Those were the first seeds of what would become Sodashi, (which in Sanskrit translates to wholeness, purity and radiance).

Today, Sodashi is a global business that supplies the world’s most exclusive spas in more than 25 countries worldwide.

What Megan is most known for, however, is an ethical, self-care-based approach to business that has underpinned Sodashi's ability to maintain its values and grow in a sustainable fashion over its 19 year history.

In 2018 Megan's penned her first book, Startups & Self-care. It shares all the hard-earned learnings and philosophies she's gathered over her entrepreneurial journey and shows the power of building a business from a place of passion, purpose and purity of intention.


A real page-turner
"You don't expect a self-help book to be a page-turner, but I found myself reading Megan's book right into the night. And no, not just because I was mentioned in its pages, but because its autobiographical section is such an insight into Megan's motivation and drive. The second section, which shows you how to keep sane and healthy when starting a business, reflects much of what I already do, but I know that it will be a massive help to those of you who still think that grabbing a sandwich at your desk and popping pills is the key to surviving. It isn't."
~ Lyn Middlehurst

Believe in yourself and your dream to achieve
"I absolutely loved reading Startups & Self-Care by Megan Larsen.
While I’m not looking to start up a business, I found this book to be really interesting and enjoyable and an easy read. It’s always intrigued me, knowing what actually goes onto the making of a successful business. Megan was certainly way ahead of her time when she decided to get into making natural and ethical skincare. Whilst it’s mainstream now, having the courage and determination to go ahead and follow her dream back then is nothing short of sensational. A fabulous story of where sheer grit, hard work and an incredible vision can get you if you totally believe in yourself. Congratulations on a truly inspirational book."
~ Dianne K

Sincere and Captivating book of Life and Passion for Excellence
"The most honest, thoughtful, sincere and candid perspective of a inspiring women who went all out in life, business and sheer determination to live life with integrity being the core part of her life and approach to running a business. I am captivated by Megan’s story of true passion for excellence. She does not give up; she grows, learns, shows agility, flexibility and vision to make something out of nothing. My biggest takeaway was that it all starts from the mind. The positive attitude and friendships and partnerships she experiences along the journey is a fascinating learning for all human kind. Wow wow wow, can read again and again."
~ Maria

Self-care and ethical business
"I loved reading this inspirational book written by the founder of Sodashi. In the first part, you will you learn some fascinating tidbits about the author and how she created the best chemical-free cosmetics brand in the world from her kitchen in Australia. The difference in Megan Larsen's journey is that she never compromised and built her ethical company with total honesty and integrity. The second part focuses on quotes and self-care tips, some of them I've been practising myself for a long time and some that I had never heard of and that I can't wait to explore. I might not be starting up a business soon but I will go back to this book again and again when I am in need of some inspiration or if I simply need to ground myself."
~ Philippe Servais